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Martin Christopher Answers Your Questions

You were introduced to him as the fresh-faced Lieutenant in Avalon I and II, got to know him as the seasoned Captain in Ethon, then got to know him even better as the battle-hardened Major in Off the Grid. Today, get to know the man behind the various ranks. Joining us today is actor Chris Martin (aka Martin Christopher, aka Christopher Martin, aka Kevin "The Iceman" Marks, aka The Pitbull of the Pegasus Galaxy). Take it away, Chris…

"A big thank you for your role on SG1 and SGA over the years! Being one of only 3 actors to appear in both Series Finali is really rather cool! Were you always a Sci Fi fan or not? Did working on the shows heighten your Sci Fi awareness? Thanks again!"
CM: Thank you for all of your support. Yes, I have always been a Sci Fi fan. I think it was Star Wars that started my love for Sci Fi. Working on SG definitely made me a bigger TV Sci Fi fan.

"How did you land your role as Major Marks? What is the audition process like? Does it differ on Stargate?"
CM: I believe I had an audition for a technician aboard the Prometheus. It turned out to be a small part that was in Avalon I and II. Somehow Marks got promoted to the bridge and the rest is history. The Audition was quite quick. Andy and Robert were in the room, both very friendly. All I remember was Robert asking if I'd cut my hair. I like growing it long…what a bum. Other than that it was like any other audition.

"You've appeared on both SG-1 and Atlantis. What differences did you notice between the two shows, if any?"
CM: The biggest difference is the cast of course. I loved both but they were very different. The other would be the bad guys. On SG-1 I dealt with just about all of them. On Atlantis it was mostly just the Wraith.

"You shared a lot of scenes with Amanda Tapping. What was that like?"
CM: I LOVE Amanda! What a great actor. She is the type of person that makes being on set such a joy. Funny, sensitive, calm, motherly, intelligent…the list goes on!
"Are you fan of science fiction?"
CM: Yes. Always have been and always will be. Sci Fi movies are my favorite genre.

"Any big projects in the works either in front of the camera, behind it, or having nothing to do with cameras at all?"
CM: My biggest project right now is helping my fiancee with our wedding plans this summer! Other than that, yes I've got a couple of projects in the works, one of which is a reality show I'm writing and producing…Keep you posted.

"What was Major Marks's position aboard the Daedalus? Was he the weapons officer or in charge of general ship controls?"
CM: I would have to say both. Most of the time we see Marks he is definitely in charge of weapons and the aftermath of each battle. At one point or another he has done it all.

"I don't think any character in the SGverse has been promoted as much or as quickly as Marks. Any particular reason why?"
CM: That is a good point! I remember coming to set one day and production was a at a standstill because everyone was discussing my rank. John Lenic was on the phone with Robert trying to figure out where I was supposed to sit and what rank I needed in order to be in that seat. I think that's why in a matter of a few episodes I went from Captain to Major. We were also making jokes that so many people had been killed over the the last couple of battles that there was no one left to give orders.

"Have you ever been to a convention? If yes, what was the experience like. If not, would you like to?"
CM: I stopped by very quickly at one in Vancouver to say hi to some friends. The experience was great. Everyone was very nice and I'd definitely do it again.

"How old were you when you got bitten by the acting bug and how did you get into the business? What has been your best experience as an actor? Your worst? What would be your dream role?"
CM: As far as I can remember I've always loved performing on some level. I don't think I started thinking seriously about it until I was 20. After graduating from university, I got an agent in Vancouver and away I went.
Hands down my time with the SG family has been one of my best experiences. Working on Night At The Museum was awesome too…got to meet a lot of GREAT actors.
I've been lucky I don't really have any nightmare stories…yet.
My dream role…I don't think it's one specific role but more like people I'd like to work with, and that list is long!

"Do you ever get any kid n' play fan mail on accident?"
CM: Not Yet. That hair…WOW!

"Which flight suit was your favorite and least favorite to wear?"
CM: The first one I ever wore was a little baggy in the butt. Other then that I loved them all. Easiest costume I have ever worn!

"Is your seat more comfortable that the Captain's Chair?"

"What was your favorite episode to film?"
CM: Off the Grid and Flesh and Blood. Lots of suspence and action.

"Did you always plan to play your character as somebody who had to take orders from a guy who had watched Star Trek too much?"
Either way, it translated beautiufully.
CM: LOL! It never crossed my mind. Thanks.

"You played a guy shirked around due to ships blowing up and all that jazz. Did you ever consider how the Major would not have anybody close for comisserating?"
CM: Great question. I imagine like a lot of people in the military it must be difficult not having family or loved ones to share with. I guess that's what makes the relationships in the show so important and heartfelt.

"You were there for SG-1's final episode: Unending. What was it like to be on the set of this historical episode?"
CM: Sad. I was only there for the last couple years but the cast and crew were very close. I feel very lucky to be a part of something like that.

"Do the wraith freak you out in person? Maybe I'm just jumpy by nature but I'm thinking it would never get old to wander around work and bump into one of those guys."
CM: Yes. The first time I ever saw a wraith on set I was truly creeped out! The make-up is outstanding. I have a hard time looking them in the eyes even when I'm talking to the actor about his weekend!!!!!

"You've worked on several sci-fi series such as Eureka and obviously both Stargates. Are you a die-hard sci-fi fan?"
CM: Only recently have I started becoming a TV Sci Fi fan. Sci Fi Movies are my favorite! I'm totally addicted to watching Sci Fi movies. WAIT A Minute…I loved the TV series 'V' ! I guess I like it all.

"If you weren't an actor, what do you think you'd be doing for a living?"
CM: When I was a teenager I loved architectual design. I was very close to going down that path.

"Thanks for taking the time to come by and chat with us."
CM: You're welcome.

"I would like to know what your plans are for the future, will you be in anymore stargate films? are there any guest appearances on other tv series planned?"
CM: As of right now I'm not 100% sure I'll be in the future SG movies. If there is a ship to fly though I'm pretty sure I'll be there.
Future projects…we'll see. I've been doing lots of auditions so keep your fingers crossed for me.

"When are you getting your own ship?"
CM: I'm not sure I want that job. Everyone in the past always got killed!!! We would joke that if you sat next to me watch out!!!! I was nicknamed 'The widowmaker!"
My own ship…definitely has a nice ring to it. Ask Joe.


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